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Winterberry Mr Poppins PW 2 gallon


This compact male winterberry is the ideal pollinator for Berry Poppins® or any Proven Winners® winterberry holly. Because only one male plant is needed for fruit on up to 5 females, you can hide away this less showy plant in a less conspicuous part of your landscape, as long as it is within about 50' of the female plants.

Maintenance Notes: 

One male plant will pollinate up to 5 female plants; plant within 50' of one another to assure good pollination. Please see our Ultimate Guide to Winterberry Holly for more information.

Adaptable to wet soils, does well in light and heavy soils. First class pick for planting in saturated areas. 

It is best to avoid pruning winterberry hollies - pruning at any time of the year will impact the number of flowers and the quantity of fruit that the plant sets. Little pruning should be required, though very old branches can be removed in early spring if they are no longer producing vigorous growth. Typically grows 3-4' x 3-4'