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Rose of Sharon Magenta Chiffon PW 2 gallon


The newest colour to join the award-winning series.

Many superlative qualities set the Chiffon® series of rose of Sharon apart from the rest: graceful, rounded habit. More flowers, for a longer time, and with better coverage of the plant. Powderpuff flowers that face outward like beaming, smiling faces. And now, richly coloured Magenta Chiffon joins Lavender, Blue, White, and Pink for a full complement of effortless summer beauty. Whether you plant one striking specimen of your favourite variety or mix and match for a colourful collection, you will see that Chiffon roses of Sharon are anything but conventional.

Top reasons to plant Magenta Chiffon rose of Sharon:

- Saturated magenta-purple powderpuff blooms.

- Elegant, graceful habit that moves in the breeze - not stiff and awkward like other roses of Sharon.

- Low seed set means fewer nuisance seedlings popping up everywhere.

Long Blooming