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Ophiopgon Black Mondo 1 gallon


‘Nigrescens’ develops the best black foliage colour in sunny locations. For growth as a ground cover, plants are best spaced 4” apart.

Noteworthy Characteristics

Ophiopogon planiscapus, commonly called mondo grass or lily turf, is a tuberous-rooted, often stoloniferous, grass-like perennial of the lily family. It typically grows in slowly spreading clumps to 8-12” tall. It is native to Japan. This is a stemless plant that features narrow, linear, deep green, basal leaves (to 3/16” wide) which appear in arching, slowly-spreading clumps rising to 8-12” tall. White, 6-tepaled, bell-shaped flowers (to 1/4” long), often tinted with lilac, bloom in summer in racemes located atop leafless stems which rise above the foliage clump. Flowers are followed by globular, pea-sized, glossy dark purple berries.

Genus name comes from the Greek ophis meaning snake and pogon meaning beard.