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Nature’s Care Organic Fert 6-5-9

Nature’s Care® Organic Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Plant Food is completely organic, nourishing your garden to help it thrive. Using our proprietary plant nutrient blend called ROOT-TRIENTS™—which includes bone meal, alfalfa meal, kelp meal and earthworm castings—you’ll give your plants just what they need to produce delicious vegetables and herbs. The 1.36 kg (3 lb) bag size is perfect for smaller gardens. This organic product has an N-P-K of 6-3-9, which is ideal for tomato, vegetable and herb plant growth. It’ll feed them continuously for up to 2 months, helping you achieve great results throughout the season. It’s also fortified with calcium to strengthen your plants’ resistance to disease, resulting in stronger plants that thrive all season long.
- Organic plant food that’s ideal for tomatoes, vegetables and herbs to help them thrive
- Contains ROOT-TRIENTS™ that nourish your plants to help create delicious vegetables and herbs
- Has an N-P-K of 6-3-9, which is ideal for growing healthy vegetable and herb plants
- Feeds plants continuously for up to 2 months
- Fortified with calcium to help prevent blossom end rot and fruit cracking
1.36 kg (3 lb) bag is ideal for smaller gardens