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Hens and Chicks CC Grape Galaxy Quart


These lovely little charmers were selected by breeder Chris Hansen for vigour, the longevity of the colour, uniqueness of colour, resistance to summer root-rot, and heavy baby-chick production. They look great in the garden or on the patio, and are NEVER boring! Add colour and texture to any sunny spot with these carefree Chicks!

Chick Charms® Grape Galaxy™ (aka S. 'Blade of Steel) (Thomas): An elegant cultivar with a gorgeous coloration. It has dreamy, silver foliage offset by a dark purple border. This is a resilient, forgiving grower that rewards a gardener with lots of new chicks each spring. This plant is fully rooted in a 3.5" pot.

Hens & Chicks need plenty of outdoor sunlight to show their best colours and maintain a tight rosette form. They thrive in gritty, well-draining soils and pots with drainage holes. They produce new offsets or "chicks" on stolons. These chicks can be left to form tidy clusters or removed to share and transplant.

Sempervivum do most of their growing in the spring and summer and will thrive with weekly watering and afternoon shade if temperatures exceed 80F. They are incredibly frost hardy and will happily overwinter under an insulating blanket of snow. Protect from heavy rains and standing water to prevent rot.