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Boxwood Standard 60cm 5 gallon

Boxwood grafted to gain height in the garden. When choosing where to plant boxwoods, make sure to plant them in the spot most appropriate for their needs. Successfully growing boxwood requires well-drained soil and while the plants prefer soil to be organic, the boxwood’s soil needs are adaptable. When planting boxwood, consider your year round climate. If temperatures become extremely hot in summer, boxwood plants will appreciate afternoon shade and regular watering. Water deeply, as frequent, shallow irrigation will not reach the root zone of the growing boxwood. Until established, after about two years, boxwoods will need at least weekly watering. When planting boxwood, locate them in an area that is protected from winter wind to avoid a condition called winter bronzing. Plant higher they were planted in the container. Planting boxwood too deeply can lead to stress and possibly death. Fertilize every spring.