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Nutrite Tree & Evergreen fertilizer 14-7-14 - 10 kg bag

Product Features • 40% of the total nitrogen is derived from a slow-release organic source. • Phosphorus is derived from ammonium phosphates. • Potassium is derived from two materials. One of which is potassium sulphate. • Magnesium and sulphur are in plant-available forms. • Contains all micronutrient concentrations required for optimum tree nutrition. Tree Benefits • The different nitrogen materials provide continuous nitrogen nutrition throughout the growing season. • Provides phosphorus levels for proper tree maintenance. • Potassium sulphate for a healthier root system. • Magnesium increases the uptake of phosphorus. • Sulphur improves chlorophyll synthesis resulting in greener tree leaves or needles. • Micronutrients are in adequate concentrations to provide good tree nutrition. • Provides a balanced nutrition ratio which is optimal for tree growth (2:1:2). • Nutrite Tree Food 14-7-14 allows for vigorous growth and decreases susceptibility to injury by diseases and insects. • This fertilizer increases foliage.