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H & G Doktor Doom Insecticidal spray


Doktor Doom Botanics Plant Spray 500 gr

Excellent for control of two spotted spider-mites, Japanese Beetles  and all other insects listed on label. 

You can only use certain pesticides at home and in the garden, including biopesticides and certain lower-risk pesticides.

Detailed description
► Pyrethrin is approved for Organic Gardening with restrictions- refer to OMRI for more information.
► Okay to Use on House Plants but spray the plant outdoors and then bring it inside.
► A light mist is all that is required to effectively eliminate Plant insect pests.
► A legal concentration of Pyrethrin .20% available in a Plant Spray without using a synergist-Piperoynl Butoxide (PBO)
► Container sprays in all directions even upside down for hard to reach areas- ideal for spraying the underside of foliage.
► 500 Gram Fill Weight
► Made in Canada and approved for homeowners use in Ontario.